Autumn Food Growing Course
with patrick Hunt

Starting this September a 3 part short course on Food Growing .


Planning your food garden,  Combining Plants, Spacings, Sowing and Propagation, Soil Health, Managing Crops, Harvesting, Storage, Weeding, Watering, Mulching, Winter Prep,. Indoor Growing over Winter, Perennial Edibles, Edible Ornamentals, Growing fruit and Promoting wildlife.

​This course is for those interested in No-Dig , Organic, wildlife and Permaculture  style gardening and is for both beginners and experienced gardeners.


Delivered through Zoom with notes provided and Q & A sessions.


Cost is 60 Euro


​Class Dates:

Tuesday September 14th at 7.30- 9pm

Tuesday October 19th at 7.30- to 9pm

Tuesday November 16th 7.30 to 9pm