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Themed School, Community & Corporate Workshops & Talks 


If your school, Community group or Office are look for a speaker or facilitator I would be delighted to provide a workshop or talk for this. Below are some ideas for the types of workshops I provide. These workshops can be tailor for Adults or Children of all ages. Many of these workshop can be delivered through Zoom also. 

Online or In person talks.


  1. Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden

  2. Creating a No- Dig Garden

  3. 20 Perennial Edibles for the Garden

  4. Insects and Bugs in the Garden

  5. Birdwatching

  6. Plants to increase Biodiversity

  7. Garden Design

  8. Sowing and Growing Vegetables

  9. Composting dos and dont’s

  10. Climate Change

  11. Bees

  12. Worms and Soil

  13. Slugs and Snails

  14. Butterflies

  15. Plastics and their impact on Biodiversity

  16. Wildflowers

  17. Irish Trees and Shrubs

  18. Pond Dipping

  19. Managing a school Garden

  20. Guided Woodland Walks.


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